Residence Shopping Outlet

Residence & Country House

2km from the Outlet

From €49

The Residence Shopping Outlet, set in a suggestive setting, is the best starting point for a few hours in the history of our territory, between a shopping session at the Serravalle Designer Outlet (2km) and a tasting of local food and wine excellence. Easy to reach public transports (in front of the house you will find a bus stop available throughout the day for the Outlet), it is the ideal starting point for getting to know a territory and enjoying it in every nuance.

Booking through #THINKSERRAVALLE you will get a discount of 10% off the list price or the best rate available: 

Apartment for two people * 49 € instead of 55 € / ** 55 € instead of 60 €
Apartment for three people * 59 € instead of 65 € / ** 65 € instead of 70 €
Apartment for four people * 69 € instead of 75 € / ** 75 € instead of 80 €

* Low Season Rates (January, February, March, April, May, June, September, October, November, December)
** High Season Rates (July, August)


and you will receive at Residence Shopping Outlet*:

…we will notify Serravalle Designer Outlet on your behalf!

*special offers given only when reservations are made through #THINKSERRAVALLE

...and let us pamper you

Tell us about your reservation to receive an additional 10% discount in the affiliated shops of the Serravalle Designer Outlet