La Raia


9km from the Outlet

La Raia produces white and red wines from Piedmont with a strong personality and amazing evolvability. The biodynamic method has allowed us to fully recover the originality and vitality of the Gavi area, a long centuries of natural history, that our wines know how to narrate.
The ability to make an impressive wine tour into the estate gives an unforgettable, added value memorable for visitors.


La Raia offers its guests two different kinds of tastings: the first, the most complete, includes a visit to the winery and permanent artistic works on the estate, the tasting of the five labels of the company and a light lunch with lasagne pasta with pesto sauce, spelled salad, salami and typical cheese of the territory, and also a fruit salad, all for a couple of hours.

The second option includes a visit to the winery and tasting of the three labels accompanied by salami, focaccia and cheese with various types of honey, for an hour.

The cost is € 30 per person for the first option, and € 20 per person for the second one.


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