Motorcycle on the ancient Vie del Sale

An unforgettable journey that will make you fall in love at first ... drift

Whether you are riding a Vespa, an Enduro or a Harley makes no difference: Vie del Sale offer a unique experience to know our territory.

Ancient trade pathways that linked the Po Valley with the Ligurian Sea, but also roads to drift to the emotion of two wheels and discover places full of history. The Via del Sale is an adventure able to narrate, to those who ride it, the story of a precious product, that 'white gold' transported by mule or by wagons, often together with the Ligurian oil and other valuable products from overseas.

So, what better way to get on the motorbike, enjoying the allure of Piedmont's mountains of Borbera Valley and then, going down till the sea?

Our route starts from Arquata Scrivia, 5 minutes from Serravalle Designer Outlet, and  goes up to Borbera Valley. After a road of  50km we will reach Chiappo Montain: on its top meet together Lombardy, Piedmont and Emilia Romangna and, unexpectedly for who ride it fot the first time, the intense blue of Ligurian Sea peeks out. Then it leads to Capanne di Cosola, where the namesake agriturism, perfect for a  tasty break, is located, and to Capanne di Carrega with the "ghost village" Chiapparo, where you can take amazing photos.

Another can't-miss place is Antola Mountain: here, on spring period, you can admire the wild narcissus blooming. Here the Piedmontese stretch of our route is over: Liguria starts with Torriglia village and, going on  Ligurian Appennino, it arrives in Recco, where stopping to taste the famous cheese focaccia, or in Portofino, for an aperitif in the mythical seaside square.

After a day like this, in your eyes, but especially in your heart, will remain two colors: green, one of the wooded hills of southern Piedmont, the valborberini reliefs dotted with charming villages, and blue, the sea peeping from above, able to excite even the most experienced bikers.

If you're curious and you want to learn more about the most suggestive itineraries, contact us: we will find together the perfect location for a memorable experience.

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