Roman Libarna

The thrill of a walk in the ancient Roman city

Just 3 km from the Serravalle Designer Outlet is the archaeological area of Libarna, an ancient Roman city founded in the second century B.C. The actual area is a small part of the original city, which are now visible and well preserved amphitheater, theater, two neighborhoods of houses and some urban roads.

The Roman city of Libarna stood on a ground full of water and surrounded by hills; crossed by the Via Postumia, connecting artery between Genoa and Aquileia, according to reconstructions had to be present also the baths and a hole, large paved square on which stood porches and buildings acts to trade and other aspects of daily life, sectors only partially today explored.
An archaeological site of great beauty, whose discovery was entirely accidental: it happened in fact thanks outcrop of findings during excavation works carried out since 1820 for the construction of the so-called royal road, created to connect Genoa to the then capital of Turin. The two districts unearthed are located near the amphitheater, and the relics found during excavations are mostly preserved in the Museum of Antiquities in Turin, where you can see mosaic floors, marble, bronze and amber figured.

 A magical place that will make you fall in love at first sight young and old, to spend a few hours immersed in the history of our territory.

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